Building a shared context for Quality with a federated framework

We often think of Quality – and its close sibling Value – in absolute terms: a team, a timebox, a chain of activities, a process to be followed. But Quality and Value are essentially subjective things: they evolve in an ongoing dialog between stakeholders, based on stakeholder needs within a situational context. Relegating them to the byproduct of a fixed, repeated process results in wasted investment and poor outcomes.

The challenge for any organisation focused on delivering valuable outcomes is to understand their unique operating context: you must interpret it sufficiently to form an objective process that delivers value to meet the needs of your stakeholders.

This talk will introduce you to the power of context-driven thinking framework, giving you insight into a tool that can support you in planning and evaluating your work to better satisfy your stakeholders. The hands-on activity introduces a flexible, powerful framework that will help you escape ineffective/ inappropriate processes and tools, liberating your work to provide real value to your stakeholders. Participants will work in groups to explore how quality and value are contextual concerns.

Key takeaways:

An introduction to an approach that brings agility to the shared definition of quality and value, and the related activities that support that work.
Insights into and examples of ways the framework can be applied to meet different needs