Building an AI-powered visual testing service

Automated visual testing allows you to automatically verify that your app’s GUI renders correctly across all devices, browsers, and screen resolutions. Over the years the computer vision technology underlying visual testing has evolved to emulate the human vision to accurately detect and process dynamic pages and responsive designs, detect shifting elements and accommodate form factor differences, understand UI change relations across pages, infer page layouts and much more – with very high accuracy and speed.

In this session, we will take a behind-the-scenes look at how this technology works, focusing on the important role AI and deep learning play in powering it. We will review the development stages of AI-based products from data collection and preparation, network architecture considerations and experimentation, and of course – testing. We will share practical tips on how to identify problems which can be most effectively solved using machine learning and deep learning, how to address bugs, and how to plan and estimate the time and effort required to develop solutions using these technologies

If you are interested in the practical side of developing AI-based products, learn how such technologies can be applied in your workplace, or just see the state-of-the-art results of applying AI to visual testing, this session is for you!