DevOps Testing Strategy: Delivering quality product faster!!!

This talk is aimed at developers, testers, consultants, operations – anyone who is involved in frequent releases and particularly involved in automated functional and non-functional testing in a CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) workflow.
Over the years software testing has evolved. In its initial days it was just manual testing and then came automated functional testing. Then there is non-functional testing in performance, security, visual-automation, accessibility and other types of testing like A/B testing. Generally though, most of these non-functional testing is carried out by external teams and hardly ever included in CI/CD workflow. This might increase the risk for not getting the feedback early and delay the release.
In a DevOps environment, testing strategy should include all the above mentioned different types of testing in a CI/CD to deliver quality product faster.
The talk will cover how all the above different types of testing is carried out from a risk perspective to deliver quality product faster.

Key takeaways:

Key takeaways would be team can understand and gain importance of implementing and incorporating non-functional testing such as performance, security, visual-testing, accessibility along-with functional in a CI/CD workflow to deliver quality product faster.