Do QA code and test at the same time ? The three Best Practices of Quality Analysis (QA)

In this talk, I will describe how QA code and test to deliver products at the same time as team evolves into embedded QA team. I will also describe several best practices that we use in Dolby in which we apply, to deliver value added products to the customers. This includes strategies used by QA working alongside with the greater software development team in providing testability insights without compromising quality deliverables to customers. This talk intends to cover case studies where we apply the described hands on best practices within the team seeing project deliverables to success.

Key Takeaways:

Attendees are able to learn how QA has evolved from the conservative process where software delivers to QA team at the end of the waterfall model /or in sprint basis, to embracing Quality Analysis (QA) where QA codes, within the software development team continuously. In this talk, they are able to learn the strategies and testability insights to be used by QA for complex software ecosystem deliverables for consumer products. They are also able to learn the hands on best practices applied by QA for their team, especially dealing with the mentioned complex ecosystem and on-going features requests from customers, without compromising the quality deliverables. By the end of this talk, the attendees are able to apply the key learnings of QA skills, influence their team using the best practices in their work place, especially in highly rapid agile teams without formal QA team reporting structures.