Successfully Implementing BDD in an Agile World

With the advent of the Agile Manifesto and the maturation of DevOps over the past few years, it seems that the promise of continuous deployments at a speed faster than light is almost fulfilled. Everywhere we look, development and ops team brag about how many times they ship a week, a day, or even an hour. But there isn’t less testing happening in agile or DevOps, but rather the testing phase has simply been broken down, sped up, and spread out.

SmartBear’s Bria Grangard first provides an overview of Shift Left, an approach to software development where quality is considered and testing is performed earlier in the lifecycle, including the three customer values that can be improved. She also shares statistics gathered from a beta program that has been running over the last few months on shifting left, including the importance of thinking about quality in every step. Finally, she talks about Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). What’s the key to success? Start thinking about the SDLC cycle with the end in mind, and how the application should behave from the user’s perspective. There are multiple benefits and challenges of moving to this modern development process, including delivering value more frequently, finding and fixing defects early and often, and better communication and collaboration. But it’s not just the QA role or the testers role anymore – it’s everyone’s job to think of quality at every step.

Key takeaways:

• Learn the key skills required to successfully shift left
• Learn how to overcome the top challenges when adopting a shift left mentality
• Learn actionable steps to successfully implement BDD