Dan Prager

Dan Prager

Agile/Lean Consultant & Coach

Dan fell in love with programming in his teens back in the 1980s. Professionally, he has worked as a programmer, software development lead, software engineer in test, and in software and startup management. Today he works as an Agile/Lean coach and consultant spanning technical and non-technical Agile practices and principles, with a couple of startups on the side. Dan holds a PhD in mathematics (specifically computational General Relativity) and learns and teaches traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu as a non-screen-based hobby / obsession. He lives in Melbourne with wife, two tween-age kids, and dog. Dan provides bespoke Agile/Lean and Innovation consulting, coaching and training via Skillfire and Zen ex Machina. He is particularly interested in working with scaleups (i.e. later stage startups) to help instil and sustain technical excellence and focus while climbing the growth curve.

Agile Coaching for Automation Success

Belief, understanding, and skill in test automation do not come easily to everyone. Otherwise everybody would be doing it, and at a high standard! The cognoscenti may know that the answer is automation, but the shift in mindset for everyone else is daunting. If logic, authority, or a straight out request can’t persuade the nay-sayers, […]