Jennie Naylor

Jennie Naylor

Enterprise Agile Consultant

A highly-accomplished and well-known Enterprise consultant, Jennie works with organisations to help ensure successful agile adoptions. This includes supporting organisations to set expectations and choose the right reasons for adopting agile and related approaches, such as quality engineering and DevOps. Key foundations in Jennie’s approach include evolving ownership and responsibility for product and quality across the organisation, transforming bureaucracies into innovative networks that are highly adaptive to changing customer and market demands, delivering agility across organisations (not just development/IT), mentoring leaders to empower employees, and influencing organisations to focus on delivering customer, organisational and employee value. Jennie uses techniques from her experience leading a number of initiatives throughout her career across a broad range of industries, particularly focusing on agile, lean and continuous innovation frameworks.

Jennie has worked as the Head of Quality Engineering Transformation at Macquarie Bank, Quality Engineering (Server/Data Center) at Atlassian, and Quality Assurance at NBN Co, amongst other roles.

Using OKRs to Grow Quality Ownership

The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework has been around since the 1970’s and is used by companies such as Google, Uber and Facebook to set their organisational goals and ensure they’re tracking towards them. OKR is a light-weight framework that can also be used at team and project levels. This presentation will introduce the […]