Kanika Pandey

Kanika Pandey

Regional Director, Applitools

Kanika manages Applitools business for Asia Pacific which includes Australia and New Zealand. In her last role, she managed Melbourne & South East Asia as key regions for Perfecto Mobile. She has been a part of many digital journeys including working with Google in the beginning of her career. Kanika believes in creating a tangible impact with what she does each day and strongly believes that automation is the right space to be for the same for the next decade or so. She is passionate about automation and its impact and would like to inspire people to make their programs successful.

Black Swans – Rise and Fall of Automation

Automation is pivotal to the success of any enterprise today who would like to be relevant in today’s fast paced environment. The success of digital disruption is directly proportional to automation. However, not every automation program sees the success it could. Sometimes even successful programs don’t see the recognition it should. We can be far […]