Melinda Harrington

Melinda Harrington

Lead Consultant, Elabor8

Recovering Project Manager, passionate about exploring the ways we work and how we can continuously improve them. Expanding toolkit from Scrum and Agile Leadership to explore XP, Lean, Design Thinking and Kanban.

Presenter at Agile Australia, World IA Day, Fishbowl Discussion (Agile Practices & Principles in Organisations) and MeetUps in Sydney. Author of “What Nobody Tells You About Leadership” Agile Australia Blog : February 2017 and “Cycle Time” Agile Today/Slattery IT, Vol 13 October 2016.

Your job is secure but your role might change

Adjusting to an agile way of working requires a lot of changes. You may feel like your expertise is not appreciated when you become part of a Scrum Team. It’s not unusual for leaders in an organisation to take their team, wave a magic wand and say: “Now you are doing Scrum.” If you are […]