Neil Killick

Neil Killick

Agile Coach & Trainer

Neil is an internationally recognised expert in software product development, specialising in agile and lean methods. He works with organisations to help them improve how they get stuff done, and the value this stuff creates.
Neil has been delivering working software professionally for over 23 years, including some of the first online mapping, live traffic and travel planning applications.
He is also a pioneer of the #NoEstimates movement, and an invited international keynote speaker.

From “Quality Assurance” to “Quality Champion” – How to be a successful tester in an agile team

The traditional view of the tester’s role is to write test cases based on requirements, and repeatedly test programmers’ code against those test cases. To be the gatekeepers of quality. To find and raise defects. To be the last line of defense against buggy software making it out to users. Then “Agile” came along – collaborative, […]