Paul Szymkowiak

Paul Szymkowiak

CTO, Cosyne

Paul Szymkowiak currently fills a number of roles: CTO, independent principal consultant and maker STEAM educator. He is a founding member of the Context-Driven Testing community, and has been mastering his business and product development skills for over 30 years. He has worked in a wide variety contexts, mentoring teams and organisations across multiple continents. In addition to the Quality-Value Framework, he authored the testing approach within the RUP, the first widely-used method framework that supports scaled-agile development. A long-term software-development coach, he is currently focused on bringing context-driven practices to business strategy and lean service improvement, and in developing STEAM education extension curriculum for primary and secondary students.

Building a shared context for Quality with a federated framework

We often think of Quality – and its close sibling Value – in absolute terms: a team, a timebox, a chain of activities, a process to be followed. But Quality and Value are essentially subjective things: they evolve in an ongoing dialog between stakeholders, based on stakeholder needs within a situational context. Relegating them to […]