CA Lab Session Schedule and Details

Attending the lab? There will be limited laptops available at the lab, so bring along your own laptop or mac to ensure learning and participation.

Schedule for Monday, 30 Oct 2017:


9:00 am – 9:45 am CA Lab Session 1a: Hands-On with CA Agile Requirements Designer
10:00 am – 10:45 am CA Lab Session 2a: Hands-On with CA Test Data Manager
11:00 am – 11:45 am CA Lab Session 3a: Hands-On with CA Service Virtualization
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm CA Lab Session 4a: Hands-On with CA BlazeMeter
1:00 pm – 1:45 pm CA Lab Session 1b: Hands-On with CA Agile Requirements Designer
2:00 pm – 2:45 pm CA Lab Session 2b: Hands-On with CA Test Data Manager
3:00 pm – 3:45 pm CA Lab Session 3b: Hands-On with CA Service Virtualization
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm CA Lab Session 4b: Hands-On with CA BlazeMeter

CA Lab Session 1:  Hands-On with CA Agile Requirements Designer
Instructor: Adam Bond – Principal Consultant, Continuous Delivery

CA Agile Requirements Designer is an automated testing solution, enabling organisations to build and deliver high-quality applications to market faster, at less cost. The product maps requirements to visual flowchart models, helping cross-functional teams eliminate ambiguous requirements and costly defects they create. Testers can then automatically generate the smallest number of test cases needed to achieve 100% functional coverage, linking them to the right data and expected results. Test Automation scripts can also be generated directly from the active model, reducing the time and effort to manually update the required test scripts when requirements change.

In this hands-on lab you’ll work through a real-world scenario by learning how to:

  • Map your requirements into unambiguous, visual, active flowchart models
  • Optimise your Test Case Design to achieve 100% functional test coverage
  • Automatically find, link or create the right test data for your test cases
  • Manage changing requirements by automatically updating the tests, data and scripts
  • Integrate and synchronize with your existing solutions such as CA Agile Central, Atlassian JIRA, Selenium, HP ALM, etc

CA Lab Session 2: Hands-On with CA Test Data Manager

Instructor: Fabio Machado – Principal Consultant, Continuous Delivery

CA Test Data Manager is an automated testing solution that helps solve one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive problems in Continuous Delivery – the creating, maintaining and provisioning of the test data needed to rigorously test evolving applications. CA Test Data Manager uniquely combines elements of data subsetting, masking and synthetic test data generation that enables the creation, maintenance, conditioning and provisioning of realistic test data to non-production environments to match the exact test case and cover every possible test.

In this hands-on lab you’ll work through a real-world scenario by learning how to:

  • Create rich synthetic data which covers 100 percent of possible tests
  • Find relevant synthetic test data on-demand
  • Easily clone specific subsets of data into target environments
  • Mask and secure millions of rows of data in minutes
  • Work with multiple data sources such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and non-relational data types and files including xml, txt, csv, vsam etc

CA Lab Session 3: Hands-On with CA Service Virtualization

Instructor: Mirek Rzadkowski – Principal Consultant, Continuous Delivery

CA Service Virtualization is a powerful capability that creates production-like simulations of the needed environments, systems and components that can often be unavailable, too costly or in use by other teams during testing. With CA Service Virtualization, developers, testers and performance teams can create dynamic and robust virtualised services and get to work in parallel with a “wind-tunnel” for testing to ensure faster delivery, and higher quality of innovative new software and features.

In this hands-on lab you’ll work through a real-world scenario by learning how to:

  • Understand what a Virtual Service is and how it differs from fragile mocks and stubs
  • Design a Virtual Service that is dynamic and robust for testing against
  • Model a Virtual Service and the realistic production behaviour
  • Deploy and consume a Virtual Service
  • Use it with supporting protocols such as swagger, batch, rabbitMQ, etc

CA Lab Session 4:  Hands-On with CA BlazeMeter

Instructor: Adam Bond – Principal Consultant, Continuous Delivery

CA BlazeMeter is a next-generation SaaS and on-premises performance testing solution designed for web, mobile, microservices and API testing. Massive-scale load tests were previously only possible with expensive testing environments, but with CA BlazeMeter, you can create and run those tests in the cloud within minutes— paying only for what you use. CA BlazeMeter can execute massively scalable, open-source-based load and performance tests at any time and from anywhere, allowing developers and testers to validate performance at every software delivery stage. This solution allows you to identify and fix any of your performance issues early to ensure apps work flawlessly down the track.

In this hands-on lab you’ll work through a real-world scenario by learning how to:

  • Easily script a performance test with JMeter using a proxy recorder
  • Use that script to easily set up a comprehensive test configuration
  • Launch and monitor live test execution with real-time reporting
  • Set test execution automatically from Continuous Integration frameworks via APIs or a Jenkins Plugin
  • Leverage your investments in your existing APM tools, as well as testing engines such as JMeter, Selenium, Locust and Gatling.

About CA Technologies

CA Technologies integrates continuous testing into an end-to-end continuous delivery ecosystem that enables uninterrupted flow of ideas from design to operations faster, without compromising on quality or user functionality. CA’s integrated testing solutions enable test environment simulation; automatic test case creation – even from requirements – on-demand test data management; application pipeline orchestration as tests are passed; SaaS-based performance testing; and open source integrations with tools like JMeter, Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, and more.

No other vendor can offer an end-to-end, integrated continuous testing solution like CA. CA’s continuous testing solutions include automated modelling of test cases right from the requirements phase with CA Agile Requirements Designer for test case creation and identifying the optimal regression tests required for full coverage, data masking and subsetting with CA Test Data Manager as well as test data generated on demand, deployment of virtualized test environments with CA Service Virtualization, shift-left performance testing using open source and SaaS-based CA BlazeMeter for testing early on, running the selected tests, and then tying it all together with CA Release Automation – an orchestrated release engine that promotes the code, build, and application as soon as all the tests pass – all with zero touch workflow.  And now with the acquisition of Veracode, CA provides superior SaaS-based AST software to help organizations mitigate risk early in the development process with secure application testing.

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