Integration Tests: The Test Automation Gap of Mystery

What does the term “integration test” mean to you? Something between a unit test and an end-to-end test? Integration tests are the most poorly-defined category of automated testing and also the most poorly understood.

Trish explains how to use both functional and dependency scope as a guide to understanding the wide range of integration tests. She also draws upon her deep experience in automated testing to describe examples of integration tests and the purpose of each. You will learn about hermetic tests, contract tests, data pipeline tests, and more in this engaging talk.

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn how to use functional and dependency scope to understand integration tests
  • You will go back to work equipped to explain what integration tests are to a range of audiences

Do you know that Trish is delivering Cypress workshop too?

Cypress is a next generation testing tool that provides a solid platform for automating UI tests. In this course, Trish will teach you how to use Cypress to create a fast and reliable automated test suite.