Vlad is an accomplished Senior Manager & Business Analyst in Business Intelligence and Business Data Analytics with a demonstrated history of successful project delivery across multiple industries.
Equally strong in Business and IT disciplines, helping in facilitation of meaningful conversations to bridge the two areas and deliver value through evidence based decision making and the right KPIs.
Exposure to a multitude of divergent projects with a strong focus on delivery, ranging from small, tailored projects to large strategic and transformational multi-year programme implementations.
Possesses a Strategy focused MBA from Henley and a BComm in Economics and Econometrics.
Passionate in what he does. Enjoys to explore new technologies, play a good game of chess or basketball and most importantly always remembers to have some fun. His most important things in life are family, friends and good health.

Dennis following his passion for software quality, He moved from software engineering to the test automation field 7 years ago. Applying the best software development practices and emerging technology, Denis’ main goal is to build comprehensive test automation frameworks which reduce the manual effort, improve the quality and speed up the project delivery. Currently, Denis is a Test Automation Architect at LGIA Super where he is designing and implementing a test framework to support various layers and solutions in the organisation.

Exploring Test Intelligence

If you wish to learn about the use of Business Intelligence in Testing, you have come to the right place.

We spent time reviewing our disciplines to understand how Business Intelligence and Testing can be combined in their current setting and the onset of digital technologies. We found a way to bring together Test Automation and Business Intelligence to introduce to you the concept of Test Intelligence.

Come and listen to us while we explore Test Intelligence ideas and insights where we will:

1. Introduce you to Test Intelligence

2. Explore Test Intelligence in practice

         – AI and Machine learning in testing

         – Testing through log analysis and analytics

         – And much more

3. Discuss how the above insights can be used to drive DevOps and Test Automation

Before we introduce the main topic, we will help you remain competitive in the market by exploring some of the latest testing related trends which are driving the current industries into the future.