Kim Engel is a Principal Test Analyst at WorkCover Queensland, and her 20-year testing career spans a broad range of industries and technologies. 

Inspiring and coaching others, and leading by example, Kim helps companies improve their approach to delivering quality products.
In her spare time, Kim is a human rights advocate for refugees. 

Practical guide to implementing improvements

After attending conferences and getting inspired, we return to work and all-too-often settle back into the status quo. How do you make time for improvements when you already have constant demands on your time? As a tester, how much of the software development and release process is really beyond your control?

In this session Kim will present case studies on:

  • Finding ways to save time without compromising on quality
  • Demonstrating the value of quick wins
  • Navigating politics to gain support for implementing improvements


Includes many examples of improvements made at WorkCover Qld over the past 12 months.


Key takeaways


  • Clear, practical steps for identifying key issues which are slowing down your team
  • Prioritising improvements for maximum buy-in and support within your organisation 
  • Implementing change through collaboration