AusTD is an inclusive conference and we value diversity. Our objective is to offer you a platform to learn, connect and grow.  We aim to bring together people from all levels of experience and backgrounds in an active and engaging environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I talk about?

Are you passionate about something and want to share it? A controversial idea, an interesting experience or something you have learned lately?  We hope to receive a broad range of submissions for the conference, so there is no set theme. We also encourage and prefer proposals based on your personal experiences as these generally make the best track sessions. Feel free to submit as many proposals as you like, but remember that quality beats quantity. We look forward to reading your ideas, feel free to blow us away!

Can only testers submit a talk at AusTD?

We are a software testing conference and that means that we touch all areas of technology business.  We are there to help improve software quality which involves developers, business analysts, project managers, UX designers, architects, technical writers, infrastructure team members, or anyone else in the team. Therefore, we welcome all. If you have a story to tell, submit a talk.

What topics should I consider my talk?

Here are some topics that you might want to consider:

Critical Thinking
Cloud engineering
Internet of Things
Mobility and Responsiveness
Agile or Other
Software testing techniques
Usability and User Experience
Machine Learning and its impact on software testing and / or software testers
Artificial Intelligence and how it impacts the world of software testers

What's in for me as a speaker?

We want more local speakers to join us and therefore we are encouraging local talent to submit proposals. If you live interstate or even in New Zealand, we will pay for your economy flight and a night’s accommodation up to a maximum of AU$500.  Of course, the conference ticket is included.


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