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Larene is an inclusion engineer – a full stack developer and consultant specialising in accessibility, diversity and inclusion, feedback, mentoring, and tech leadership.
Larene studied robotics engineering and has since worked as a computer vision engineer, a programming teacher for kids, a lead tutor at UQ, a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks, and a product engineer at WORK180, and is now helping organisations be more inclusive as an independent technical consultant. She has run the CTO School and Women Who Code Brisbane Meetups since 2015, supporting and building local talent in tech community.

Test Driven Accessibility

Test driven development is a technique in which software engineers write failing tests first, and then write the code to make the tests pass. This ensure you do not over-engineer the solution and have great test coverage of your business logic. Larene will demo some of the latest tools and techniques for building accessibility in from the start.

Key takeaways

What is accessibility and inclusive design and why is it important?

How to build accessibility into your products and culture.
The current state of automated accessibility testing and Test Driven Accessibility.