Usability testing without labs, rats and guinea pigs

Tania will provide an overview of the why, what, when, where and how of usability testing. She will outline how usability testing is different to other forms of testing and how it can add value to your organisation and save you significant development time and effort even if you don’t have a usability test lab. For those that are familiar with the concept of usability testing Tania will also outline some of the more specialised usability testing methods and techniques which her team has utilised in her UX consulting practice on numerous projects. She will also provide you with some hidden industry secrets on how to use usability testing to change the minds of difficult business stakeholders.

    Do you know that Tania is delivering a workshop too?

    Tania is a Usability expert. In her half day workshop you will learn the fundamentals of usability testing to better understand how your end users actually interact with your site or system.